Story Title and Author:The High Flying Contest
Retold By Tanner Ottley Gay
Character 1 weren
Name and Character Traits: weren is smart the way he does things.

Character 2 eagle
Name and Character Traits: eagle is mean boosiy and rud and a brager.

Setting in the park
Time: in the moring
Place: at the park
Description (sights, smells, feeling) a small brez in the moring. all trees in the park and a nice smeel like flowers.
What does the main character want?
to win the race and beat the outher birds.
What is the problem? Why can't the main character get what wants? Why does the trickster need to plan a trick?
the outher birds can not keep up with eagle

Event 1
First,the have the conistet who can fly the higset.

Event 2
Then,the have the coniset

Event 3
Next,weren wins the conset.
How is the problem solved? How is the other character changed by the trickster's trick? What happens after the trick?
Finally, the trick is that weren flys then when the small birds got tired weren hopped on eagles back then eagle got tired he jumped off and started flying high and weren woned the conitest and eagle were shocked he had no clue what hapend.
What is the lesson that was learned?
never say that someone csant do something.
in the story eagle and wren and the outher birds want to win the high flying contest. the problem is that eage is biger and stronger and the outher birds small ad weeker then eagle. so they have the contest and the birds fly as high as they can. so the race starts. the birds start flying high and the the birds get tired so they go down . Then wren hops on eagle back. and then eagle is thinking i win so i am goning to go down so he goes goes down thn wren hops off and starts to fly eagle was like wow he was not up there but he said good job and thats how wren wins.