Date: sept.29,2010
Title:stage fright on summer night
Author:mary pope
Pages:chapter 4

Topic:Connection-I have a text to text connection.
In this chapter jack & annie see a bear in a cage
on the top of cage it said dan the dancing bear. Annie tryed to save him but she was to late. Then she stole while the owner wasn't looking.
Date:Oct. 7, 2010
Title:Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve
Auther:Mary Pope Osberne
connection-I have a text-to-
self connection. I can relate to Annie as I too have trouble deciding what to be for halloween
Annie can't decide to be a princese or vampire. Then a mesage from Merlin! They where so excited to go on another mission.
So they ran through frog creek woods to the tree house. And went to hallows eve. And then they saw a tree with a hole in it.
Then they saw an old man in the light. He had a big long white beard and very very wise. And then they saw a old friend Teddy.

Date: oct. 21, 2010
Title:Captain Underpants and Proffessor PoopypantsAuther: dav Pilkey
Page: chapter12 infrence. In this chapter (pippy/poopypants) just finished George & Harold's new comix. pippy was so angrey he made a robot convention that turned him into a robot.
And becomes evil and destroyd the town. And then try'd to kill captain underpants. He trys and trys but he can't so that tells me he is the stinkeyest villan ever. So now he get's
extremley mad so I figuered out that he is a very evil villan.

Date: oct.22,2010
Title: underpants and profser poopypants
Auther: Dav Pilkey
Pages:chapter 12
Topic:conection text-to self. In chapter 12, Professor Poopypants is a scientist. He creates a little robot called the Gerbil jogger 2,000. It is a robot to help jogg your gerbil. So my conection is my scince teacher is funny like that.

Title:captain underpants
Auther:Dav Pilkey
Pages:Chapter 17

Topic:Infrnce- I made a solid Infrence! captain underpants just got captured so goerge & harold take to pieces of wood and get down to beusness. I made a infrence
cuase I get down to buesiness all the time


Title: Jackies Wild Seattle

Pages: chapter 9
Auther: Will Hobbs


Auther:Will Hobbs

Title:Jackies wild seattle

Pages:chapter 14

Topic:I have a text-to-text connection. In chapter 14, they rescue a beaver. This beaver was very very large. He smelled food coming from a house and decided to enter. This beaver is fat because he eats a lot of food. This reminds me of a book about a very large monster who eats everything in sight. The more he ate, the larger he got. There was also this boy in the book who was very chuby and licked vending machines. I can't imagine the outside of the vending machine tasting all that good. Inside the vending machine there were treats such as candy cookies and chips. Then the boy ate the monster then he also ate the medal he earned.every body cheered and the boy smiled.
Topic: I have a prediction. At the end of chapter 14, a baby owl gets stuck in a port-o-potty. I believe the baby owl just learned how to fly. While he was flying, he was distracted by all the noise from the construction site. He did not see the open door to the port-o-potty. He flew & hit the back the of the wall and fell in while it was flushing. The baby owl was so happy to be rescued. He was wrapped in a warm, fuzzy, blue blanket. He then took a short ride to the animal shelter. He was given a warm bath and a thorough check up. He was also given some food and water. He sure was hungry and felt so much better!!

Date: dec.5,2010
Auther:Will Hobbs
Title:Jackies Wild Seattle
Topic:I have a infrence on page 110 Infered that Neal felt depressed because he got in a fight with a golfer I infer he feels depressed because he was talking to a man and the man said neal was talking nonsenese so I infer that neal feels depressed. Cause a racoon got hit by a hockey stick by a man and so uncle neal feels depressed but the racoonis just trying to get water and food.
Topic: I have a conn because on page 129 it said that he begged for meat text -to-self I beg my mom for meat.
Date:dec10 2010

Date: December 10, 2010Most_intresting_character_is_Cody_aj.jpg

Title:Big Nate in class by himself
Author:Lincoln Pierce
Pages:page 150
Topic: connection text-to-self
I have a connection text-to-self regarding this book called "Big Nate In Class By Himself". One day, he forgot his lunch. So his friend Teddy gave him a fortune cookie. It said "Today, you will surpass all others". Nate understood this to mean he had to be better at everything than everyone else. Nate started out by being disrepectful to his homeroom teacher. He called her silly names which earned him his first detention of the day. Next, while in English class, he told another student to keep her big mouth shut. This earned him another detention. This is how the rest of Nate's day went. One bad thing after another earning him a total of 7 detentions. That was the only thing he did to surpass all others per his fortune cookie message.

I have a connection text-to self because I have received and eaten fortune cookies. I really like to read the fortunes. They are fun!
However, that is just what they are. I do not expect them to come true. I also do not react if it says to do something dangerous or silly. I simply enjoy reading them for fun!

This book he tries to surpass all others then he got 7 detenion slips in one day. I have a text to self on when I go to chineese resturaunts I realy like forchun cookies but I don't

Title:Who Stole The Animal Poop
Author:Buck Wilder
Topic:character trait: Buck Wilder is man that some think is really old but he is not. He is kind and gentle because he has animals as his friends. Two of his friends are Rascal Racoon and Wendell Wabbit. Rascal Racoon enjoys taking long naps and finding whatever treats he can eat. Wendell Wabbit is very friendly and likes to eat carrots and lettuce. Wendell asks for help when he needs it. He asked both Rascal Racoon and Buck to help him solve the mystery of the missing poop and animals tracks on the forest ground. Wendell was also very perceptive that these were missing from the forest. Both Rascal Racoon and Wendell Wabbit cannot follow or find their animal friends in the forest with the poop or tracks

Date: February 17, 2011
Title: James and the Giant Peach
Author: Roald Dahl
Pages: 43-46
Topic: Text to World
James Henry Trotter is a young boy who had some sadness. When he was really little, his parents were killed by a rhinoceros that had escaped from the London zoo. Having no one to take care of him, he moved in with his old Aunts. Their names where Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge. Aunt Spiker was tall and skinny. Aunt Sponge was fat and short. Both of them were very mean and cruel to James. He could not leave the hill top that they lived on. He could not play with other children. He also never went to school.

A mysterious thing happened. When James dropped some green magic crystals by accident near the tree, a large peach began to grow. His luck was changing. He made great friends the creatures that lived inside. Life sized bugs which included green grasshopper, lady bug, centipede, earth worm and spider. The bugs, knowing how awful his Aunts were wanted to get him off the hill top. So centipede ate through the stem. The peach rolled and rolled through the town.

As it rolled, the peach became bruised just like my mom's tomato's when they end up in the bottom of the grocery bag. The peach rolled into a town crashing everything in site. It hit a chocolate factory. Soon all the chocolate was spilling through the streets. People were swimming, playing and eating it. This reminded me of the famous movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The first boy that leaves the factory, was eating chocolate from the river. He falls in and goes up the filter. There were not any peaches at Willy Wonka's Factory, but I am sure peaches and chocolate taste yummy.

Date: march.3,2011
Auther:raul dauhl
Title:james and the giant peach
Topic: text-to-world I wrote on a sticky note it says, why is James so smart? I have a connection to a kid in my class named Peter. He is so smart every time we have a test he 's always the first one done. Peter is also a good problem solver. I know this because we worked on a project together. When working on this project a kid was playing around, and peter figured out how to pick up his slack and get the project done. My connection is, James is just as smart as Peter. I wonder how this is because James never went to school. I find James to be smart because he came up with a plan to survive. The plan was to have the spider and silkworm to spin silk for string. Use the earth worm as bait to catch a seagull using the string, to make the peach get out of the water.

Date: march.14,2011
Auther:rual dauhl
Title: james and the giant peach
Pages: page 123
Topic:character motavation I think James felt happy because they were in America. This mean't he got out of the horrible life he was living. His life was so horrible because his parents were eaten by a rhinoceros. So he had to go live with his mean aunt spiker and aunt sponge. Then this mysterious man gave him magic crystals. He then planted the crystals and 65 a giant peach grew. He then used the peach to fly to America. James was excited to be in America because he was going to have a better life there. I think he was going live with the insects as his family.
TitlDate: march, 25,2011
Title: James and the giant peach
Pages: 133-139
Topic: Prediction
I have a prediction on page 133 some cops and fireman fainted on the next page James starts to sing while introducing the insects. the cops and fire man thought the song was so beautiful. So they all got famous and all the chidren loved James and thousands all over the countrey came to visit him a day. So he went from being the lonlyest kid of all to having lots of friends and being very famous. so that is my prediction.

Date: April 13th
Title: rodrick rules
Auther: jeff kinney
Topic:I have a prediction I prdict that greg hates his brother because he treats him like a sock.and treats him like he is not so important.

Date: April 21st
Title: louis braille the boy who invented books for the blind
topic: I wonder about stuff in my book and want to know was louis blind thats what i wonder

Date: april 29
Title: lois braille
Topic: connection I learned about blind people and i think we learned about louis brallie. and we had stations about making stuff for the blind.