Use the following table to generate questions about the topic that you chose. Use the W questions to help!

how do valconoes irupt
how were valcanoes created
how tall can a valcano get
do valcanos grow
were there valcanos in preistoric times

You MUST find the answers to these questions:

A. How does my natural disaster occur?the earths crust is made up of huge slabes called plates.
B. How does my natural disaster affect people? volcanoes affect people in many ways some are good some are bad.
C. How does my natural disaster affect the environment? volcanoes can have massive affect on the envioment
D. Can anything be done to help lessen the dangers of my natural disaster? help as much as you can
Make a list of KEY WORDS that will help you search for information.
keyword 1
keyword 2
keyword 3
keyword 4
keyword 5
keyword 6
keyword 7
keyword 8

Use the following heirarchy to help you focus your search:hierarchy_of_research_2.jpg

Use the following graphic organizers to help you organize your thoughts, information, etc.

Be CAREFUL when you summarize what you have read in a resource. Beware of...plagiarism.jpgLearn more about plagiarism here: http://kidshealth.org/kid/feeling/school/plagiarism.html

Book Title, Author, Publisher, City, copyright date.
Information Learned (in my own words)
Question 1
how do valconoes irupt
luke tompson
crust in the middle of the earth called plates touch each other.
Question 2
how were valcanoes created

by glaciers crashshing each other.
Question 3
how tall can valcanoes get

it can get 5,000 feet tall that's really big it would take me a year to climb it.

Question 4
do valcanos grow

valcanoes don't grow because when volcanoes are created they were made ver y big for some reason.
Question 5
were there valcanos in preistoric times
ancient valcanoes

volcanoes were more distructive in ancient times because they killed hundreds of dinsaurs
Teacher Question A
How does my natural disaster occur?
luke thompson
crust in the middle of the earth called plates touch each other.
Teacher Question B
How does my natural disaster affect people?

every time a volcanoe erupts many people lose there friends and family members it is very sad.
Teacher Question C
How does my natural disaster affect the environment?

when a volcano eruption it will have an affect on the enviorment because gas.
Teacher Question D
Can anything be done to help lessen the dangers of my natural disaster?

you could move out of your [[A.J. valcanoes#|house]] before it irupts and maybe dig a hole in your house and bring every thing you need down there.
Now that you have completed your RESEARCH and you have all the data you need, you are ready to [[A.J. valcanoes#|begin]] WRITING about what you learned!Click here for tips about [[A.J. valcanoes#|writing]] a RESEARCH paper: Tips for Writing EssaysUse the following graphic organizer to help you write your paragraphs:
Introductory Paragraph
  • Thesis Statement/ Main Ideas --tells your reader what is IMPORTANT for them to know about the topic
  • Explains how you feel about the topic
  • Makes your reader curious so s/he wants to keep reading!
Lava is blowing out of that volcano! Run for your
life!!! A volcano is both dangerous and interesting. There are many fascinating things about a volcano you should know. Like how they erupt, how to stay safe during eruption and effects of the volcano. Most importantly, how it effects the enviorment and people near the volcano.
Supporting Paragraph 1
  • Explains the first main idea
  • Details and examples
A volcano erupts when the crust in the middle of earth, called plates, touch each other and the ashes blowout of the volcano. This is like a warning sign that it is going to erupt. One way to keep safe, is to make sure you are listening and watching the news that will alert you what to do and where to go. When the volcano erupts, it explodes with hot magma that turns into lava. It is very hot and dangerous. It is important at this time to take make sure you are safe and far away from the volcano so not to be burned or injured by the toxic fumes. The ashes from the volcano are dangerous to breathe.
Supporting Paragraph 2
  • Explains the second main idea
  • Details and examples
A volcano is like a really large mountain with peak at the top. It has an opening the goes deep into the earth. Ashes and lava come out of the top of the volcano. Many have been around for thousands of years. Some even have special names like one in China. It was a difficult name to say.
Supporting Paragraph 3
  • Explains the third main idea
  • Details and examples
Volcanos cause a lot of damage. When it erupts and spreads its lava it can cover several towns at a time. Houses are covered, lives are lost and the enviroment is hurt. Many animals in the wildlife can get caught in the lava too. Plants and trees are covered as well.
Concluding Paragraph
  • Restates what you wanted the reader to learn about the topic
As you can see, volcanos are fascinating but destructive. Volcanoes have been a big part of the past and will continue to be a part of our future. It is important for the Volcano scientists to keep studying and recording the effects of the volcanos. They even take samples of the lava. This study of the volcanoes,
will help to keep people, and the environment safe for when they do erupt.


1. Did I find all of the information that I needed?
2. Did I use a variety of resources?
3. Did I triangulate my data?
4. Did I follow the writing process to complete my essay?
5. Did I consider the 6 + 1 Traits when I was writing?
6. What was something that I did really well?
7. What is something I could improve upon for next time?