space40.gifClassroom Jobs
In this class, there are eight important jobs. Every week we will rotate jobs. You will not repeat any jobs until everyone has had a chance to do it once at least once. Our jobs are…
Line Leader-As the line leader, you will call on students to join the lines. You will make two lines each time we line up. You are responsible for being at the front of one line and acting as a model for good behavior. You are also in charge of making sure your classmates are behaving appropriately in the hallway by giving kind reminders to students who may have forgotten.
Librarian-As the librarian, you are responsible for keeping our library looking neat. At some point in each day, you must make sure the shelves are organized and the books are in order. If you are not sure where a book belongs, ask a neighbor or your teacher. It is important that our books stay organized so students can easily find what they are looking for.
Assistant-As the assistant, you will be the teacher’s right hand. This means that you will help the teacher with many classroom tasks. For example, you may deliver notes to the office or help to pass out papers. You will also be in charge of choosing the Morning Meeting Activity each day.
Custodian-As the custodian, you are responsible for keeping our room neat and clean. This may mean picking up papers or sweeping the floor. You may also be responsible for desk checks when asked by the teacher. (Do not go into someone else’s desk unless the teacher has asked you to do so.)
Laptop Checker- As the laptop keeper, you are responsible for checking the laptops at the end of each computer session to make sure they are plugged in the right way and shutdown properly. You must also keep an eye to make sure your classmates are caring for them and handling them appropriately at all times.
Calendar Keeper-As the calendar keeper, you are responsible for removing each date from the calendar as they pass. The numbers should be placed in the bag next to the calendar. At the beginning of the month, you must set up and replace all the dates.
Lunch Captain-As the lunch captain, you are responsible for bringing the lunch basket to and from the cafeteria. You may choose a friend to help you with this chore each day. You must take the basket down after morning announcements and bring it back right after lunch recess. You are also responsible for taking the recylcling bin down to the cafeteria once a week.
Assignment book Checker-As the assignment book checker, you are responsible for checking assignment books for parent signatures each morning. If someone is missing a signature, you will place and “x” by their name on the class list. You must also tell your teacher about any notes from parents written in the assignment books.